Deck Sanding Fort Lauderdale, FL

Deck Sanding

Teak Techs is dedicated to serving the South Florida’s yachting marine industry in professional deck sanding services. Are your caulk lines proud? Just looking for a quick buzz? Looking to level your decks?  Give us a call today for a FREE Deck Sanding Quote! Call (954) 873-0026


Teak Techs uses dust extraction vacuum systems during the deck sanding process for a dust free job. We ensure quality work by trained professionals. All deck sanding techs are trained and experienced. We only hire quality techs to meet all industry & client standards.

Don’t let beginners sand your decks away. Its a common mistake and an easy one to avoid. We ensure a quality job while ensuring the longevity of your decks life. Before any sanding starts all precautions are taken to ensure all fiberglass at the decks perimeters are taped off as a protective barrier during sanding. We don’t use tape that will leave adhesive on your fiberglass when the job is finished.

Deck Sanding can take time. We work hard to accommodate all clients with quality craftsmanship and a firm project timeline with all weather permitting.

Teak Techs is fully licensed and insured. We can also work in all marinas.

deck sanding fort lauderdale