Teak Deck Caulking Re-seams

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Teak Deck Caulking Repair is extremely critical to the preservation of your decks. Over time the caulk seams experience a lot of wear from baking in the sun as well as frequent cleanings. You’ll notice the seams will start coming away from the teak allowing water to intrude beneath the deck which over time will rot your sub deck creating soft spots. Ask us about deck injection.

Why Is Teak Deck Caulking Critical?

As we all know, water travels. When your decks have failing seams, water will leak through beneath the teak in between your teak deck and sub deck causing moisture to become trapped and unable to dry out. Water trapped beneath your decks will cause dark spots on the surface of your decks and again will most certainly rot your sub deck. Take notice after wash downs and/rain once the deck are dry you will see wet spot throughout the deck. We can provide spot repairs if spots are not excessive.


We know that our work is done right the first time by cleaning every seam of all caulk/debris and thoroughly cleaning every seam with acetone before re-caulking the seams. We use the best products in the industry. Teak Decking Systems is a product we and many others stand by to ensure a quality seal.

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