Teak Decking & Repair


Industry Standard Professionalism & Quality Teak DeckingĀ  Repairs

Teak Techs specializes in teak decking & repairs serving the yachting industry throughout Miami Dade, Broward and the Palm Beaches. Teak Techs offers above industry standard craftsmanship and focuses on exceeding customer satisfaction. Our team of carpenters are guarenteed to get the job done on time and within budget. Teak deck repairs vary from hatch repair, margin board replacement, standard plank replacement. We also specialize in deck salvation. We also provide Teak Sanding
and Deck Reseaming & Caulk repair.

What is Deck Salvation?

If your looking to sell the boat and the decks are on there last leg we are able to come in and dress the decks up to look like new. Depending on the thickness of the teak we can usually save deck through various methods of injection and stabilizing. A boat that would cost $500,000 for new decks can be saved for around $75000-$100,000. Ask for photos of decks we’ve saved.


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